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“Dear Olga: Um, uh…” How to Craft a Terrific Email

12. April 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

So you want to send an introductory email but aren’t sure where to begin. Or she wrote you back and now you’ve got writer’s block. How do you make yourself memorable in words alone? What should you say and what should you avoid? Start with these tips that will help send thoughts of wedding bells, not warning bells.


Be truthful but avoid TMI

Tell her honestly about your life, your hobbies, work, your likes and dislikes. But remember people get to know one another in layers. Stick to the conventional wisdom that politics, money, religion and sex have no place in polite conversation. That means skip the part about your recent hair transplant, enthusiasm for colonics and teenage libido. Do you have a hobby that borders on obsession? If its something that makes other people’s eyes glaze over, just give it a mention for now.


Don’t be negative

Early on, stick to the facts. You can tell her you are divorced, you can tell her it was a difficult part of your life, but please don’t write five paragraphs about what a “witch with a B” your ex is. Ditto your estrangement from your parents or your viral hatred for a certain political party. You’ll come across as a malcontent, and malcontents are never sexy.


Careful with the L word

“Hello, I love you; won’t you tell me your name?” It worked for the Doors in the free-love ‘60s, but will only scare off a female acquaintance in 2009. Even if you hit it off with one of our hot Russian brides, remember that most women seeking a long-term relationship are repelled by premature declarations of love; they ring false and sound desperate. You may have a lot in common and you may be in lust but, as another song goes, “Love takes time.”


Keep your words simple

English is not your Russian lady’s first language. Some guys try to be memorable and clever by peppering their emails with million-dollar words or unique English expressions that get lost in translation – even to some translators (Picture “stud muffin” or “couch potato” literally and you get the idea). So make your message easy to understand. Use short, declarative sentences. Far from being boring, simple writing will get your message across, and that is what you want!


Still not sure what to say?

Rely on the old standby: “Tell me about yourself.” People who get tongue-tied learn to become excellent questioners, knowing that people love to talk about themselves. That’s not the same thing as conducting an interrogation, however. Try something fun, like 20 Questions: Ask her things like, What is your favorite food, animal, childhood memory, color, etc. It’s a great way to compare tastes.


Remember to keep it light, keep it bright, and keep it clear. That alone will make you stand out as a good communicator – and what lady can resist that? Browse our gallery of beautiful ladies and find out for yourself!