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How can I be notified when I receive new messages from Hot Russian Brides?

18. November 2009 by Admin 0 Comments

At HotRussianBrides.com, we understand that many of our customers can’t spare the time to be on our site all day and that life and work must take priority in many cases. This is why we have set up a system to allow HotRussianBrides.com customers to receive notifications to their email boxes whenever they receive new messages on our site.

To activate this feature, simply log into the site and click the “My Account” button from the Member Home screen. This allows you full access to all the settings you will use to adjust your account and profile. From the new menu that comes up on the right hand side of the page, pick “Website Preferences”

The next screen that comes up will let you adjust elements from your Visibility status on the site to your Default Font size. The option we will want, however, will be the second one down – Email Notification Preference. From this section you will be able to choose one of four options: Per Email, Daily, Weekly, or None.

Choosing “Per Email” will send HotRussianBrides.com members a notification every time you receive a message on our system. This is the best option to pick if you want a constant update of how many messages you receive or if you are waiting patiently for a message from a special lady and want to know as soon as it arrives. The other options – “Daily” and “Weekly” send you a digest of your emails based on the frequency that you have chosen. The last option, “None”, allows you to turn off Notifications altogether. This is a great choice if you would rather keep your notifications out of your regular email or if you find the amount of emails you receive to be a little overwhelming and would rather answer ladies from the Black Book rather than your mailbox.