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3 Russian Dating Resolutions for the New Year

23. December 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

As 2010 draws to a close, many gentlemen are thinking about resolutions for the new year. Are you hoping to meet your Russian bride in 2011? Here are 3 Russian dating resolutions to help you find the woman of your dreams.

Re-Evaluate Your Expectations

If you’ve been unable to find your Russian match after a lengthy search perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your expectations. Are you too picky when it comes to choosing a lady? Do you expect relationships to progress too fast? Are you making a sincere effort to court ladies or do you expect them to do all the work? Be honest! Self-deception is hard to overcome, but gentlemen who are honest with themselves fare much better with Russian women than those who aren’t.

Forget the Deadlines

Many gentlemen create relationship deadlines that kill the fun of Russian dating by adding unnecessary pressure to find a special lady right away. (“I have to find a Russian bride within six months!” “If I don’t find a lady by the end of the year I’m done!” “I must be engaged by my next birthday!”) Failing to meet these self-imposed deadlines causes many men to feel depressed or insecure, traits that no woman finds attractive, Russian or otherwise. Not only that but such deadlines encourage men to give up on Russian dating before giving the process a fair chance. If you’ve created Russian dating deadlines, let go! Your confidence will improve and you’ll likely enjoy the HotRussianBrides experience much more. 

Remember to Have Fun

Too many men view Russian dating as a stressful chore, and this lack of enthusiasm usually shows. If you’re less than excited about the prospect of dating, make an effort to be positive and enjoy what should be a fun and exciting experience. The ladies will notice and you will do better on HotRussianBrides in the long run.


How can you find the Russian woman of your dreams in 2011? Forget the stressful and unnecessary dating deadlines, have fun with the Russian dating process, and try to maintain realistic expectations. We wish you the best of luck this year and the next!