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Should I Keep My Russian Dating Life a Secret?

25. January 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Thanks to the myths about Russian scammers and mail order brides, it can be tough for men to talk freely about Russian women and Russian dating. After all, who wants to hear lectures about gold diggers and green card scammers? Or listen to criticism about taking advantage of poor, desperate women?   

While it’s fine to keep your Russian dating life a secret, the truth will come out if you achieve your goal of marrying a Russian woman. Though it’s not really anyone’s business, it may seem weird if you never mention a girlfriend but arrive at a friend’s party one day with a Russian woman on your arm, seemingly out of the blue. Such secretive behavior can actually reinforce old mail order bride stereotypes as it may seem you flew to Russia and purchased a woman without any prior courtship. Unfortunately, secrets usually mean a person has something shameful to hide, so you may want to think twice about keeping your Russian lady under wraps. Plus, you don’t want your bride to think you’re ashamed of her!

The best way to quell fears about Russian dating is to educate your family and friends about the industry and help them see that, despite a lingering stigma, Russian dating is really just a niche form of online dating. You may also want to educate your friends about common stereotypes and assure them that Russian women aren’t prostitutes, gold-diggers, sex slaves, etc. Many people have no problem with Russian dating once they realize it isn’t the shady industry they’ve always pictured.

Should you keep your Russian dating life a secret? It’s up to you. However, men who are honest and upfront about their interest in Russian women may have an easier time winning over critics and easing the concerns of family and friends.