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Ogle at Amazing Aircraft at Ukraine’s State Aviation Museum

12. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Aviation buffs, history buffs, or even those with a casual interest in Soviet history and aircraft will enjoy the State Aviation Museum of Ukraine.


Located in the Zhulyany area of Kiev, the State Aviation Museum of Ukraine has attracted thousands of visitors in its seven-year history. Over 70 aircraft cover the museum’s 15 hectares including Soviet passenger jets, helicopters, missile carriers, and the legendary MIG fighter jets.


The aircraft, organized by specific time periods within the aviation industry, allow guests the chance to view a wide variety of historical planes and helicopters. A few of the museum’s more impressive aircraft, such as the MIG fighter jets, the Anatra Anasal bomber, and wartime helicopters, earned displays of their own. Other highlights of the museum include the Tu-22M, Ukraine’s state-of-the art missile carrier, and the massive Tupolev Tu-142M Bear F bomber.


The museum’s interactive exhibits allow guests to get up and close and personal with the impressive aircraft. Guests can board planes, take pictures, and imagine they are a pilot or a member of the flight crew. This fun perk is particularly popular with kids, making the site a great place to take Ukrainian women with children.


A trip to the State Aviation of Museum of Ukraine offers visitors a unique chance to see the nation’s awe-inspiring aircraft and learn more about the country’s history and culture. Here are a few pictures.