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What constitutes an official marriage in Ukraine?

10. August 2012 by Admin 0 Comments

A member recently asked us about the different forms of marriage in Ukraine. Here’s what we found.


The goal of many men on our site is, of course, to find a Russian or Ukrainian woman they have chemistry with and to get married, uniting two lives in a new and exciting life together! Whether they get married in the home country of the bride or the groom, however, might be a decision to debate for each couple. As such, we recommend that you discuss this with your potential matches if you have a particular preference, along with topics like how a first meeting will be arranged, when meetings with family will occur, and what to expect after the first meeting.


So what constitutes an official marriage in Ukraine anyway? That is a more complex matter. If you want to register your marriage (a foreigner marrying a Ukrainian woman, for example), you will have to submit all the following documents to the local Department of Vital Statistics and Civil Status to obtain official state registration sanctioned by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:


  1. Your passport
  2. a legalized Certificate of Birth
  3. a legalized document on individual current marital status
  4. a legalized original divorce decree if any


To file for registration, these documents must be filed in person, by either one of the parties entering the marriage or a legal representative. Upon filing the documents, a couple is considered to be engaged. After an application is processed and accepted — which can take around one month — then the lady must get her passport and other documents updated showing her new matrimonial status. As you might imagine, this can take some time, planning, and other traits successful Russian couples have in common.


A popular trend among younger Ukrainian couples right now is to live with someone and refer to their co-habitation as a “civil marriage”. This arrangement is similar to what Americans refer to as “living together” when a couple can live together without civil registration. A couple decides to share household duties and responsibilities, but isn’t bound by the terms of an official marriage. Although “civil marriage” may not be an option for most international couples, there are still a lot of ways gentleman can make a new life easier for their Russian Bride after their official marriage takes place.


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Disclaimer: the information in this post is designed for information purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. We recommend seeking independent counsel for any matters regarding marriage rules in Ukraine, Russia, or any other country.