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4 Things You Can Learn From a Lady’s Profile Video

16. November 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

The introduction video on a lady’s profile is a great way to learn more about a woman and get a feel for what she’s truly like. Not convinced? Here are 4 great things gentlemen can learn by watching a lady’s profile video and why this information is valuable to members of HotRussianBrides.


What She’s Looking For

In their videos, many ladies talk in great detail about what they’re looking for in man and why they are looking for love on HotRussianBrides. Does this sound like useful information to you? While the videos are entertaining, they can also be a great way to learn more about the romantic hopes and dreams of a special woman. 


Her Hobbies and Passions

Whether it’s swimming, dancing, or snake charming, the ladies love sharing their hobbies and passions with the gentlemen of HotRussianBrides. You can discover a lot about a person by learning what interests them, so don’t hesitate to watch a lady’s video and learn more about her favorite hobbies. Not only that, but compatible couples typically have similar interests, so a lady’s video can also help you gauge potential compatibility. 



Her Daily Life

A lady’s profile video can offer gentlemen a look into her daily life. It’s one thing to imagine a lady chatting in an agency, walking the streets of her hometown, or preparing meals at home, but actually seeing a lady go about her daily life makes her seem that much more real and interesting. Day-in-the-life videos also help gentlemen better understand the realities of life in Russia and the Ukraine, dispelling stereotypes about snow, bears, and fur coats.


What She Sounds Like

Simple as it might be, hearing a lady’s voice for the first time is one of the biggest perks to watching an introduction video. No longer will you have to wonder what your Russian woman sounds like when she speaks or laughs. Plus, many gentlemen enjoy hearing the ladies’ sexy Russian accents.

What can you learn from a lady’s profile video? What she likes to do in her spare time, what she’s looking for in a future partner, the ins and outs of her daily life, and what she sounds like when she speaks or laughs. To watch a lady’s video, just click the “View My Intro” button on her profile. Please note, that not all ladies have uploaded profile videos.

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