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Women More Attracted to Men in Red

22. February 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Last month, we reported that a recent study from the University of Rochester suggested that women clad in red are more attractive to men than ladies dressed in other colors. It now seems that the reverse is true as well. The University of Rochester also found that women associate men in red with status and power, qualities that women the world over find particularly attractive.


In the study, researchers asked 288 women in four different countries to evaluate framed photographs of men. In some photos the men were dressed in red or blue, while in other pictures the frame was red or blue. The results? The ladies found the men dressed, or framed, in red more powerful, attractive, and sexually desirable than the men dressed, or framed, in blue. Researchers also asked 25 men to evaluate the photos, but these participants were unaffected by red.


It seems human women share a preference for the color red with non human female primates like gelada baboons where the most sexually coveted males are those with the brightest display of the hue.


“We say in our culture that men act like animals in the sexual realm.  It looks like women may be acting like animals in the same sort of way,” said Andrew Elliot, the study’s lead author.


So what does this mean for you? Wear red in your profile photos or on dates with Russian women!


As Men’s Health UK notes : “Whether you drape your shoulders with a red scarf or just fasten yourself a red tie, you should prepare to play the Pied Piper of the office’s female gaze.”


View the full scientific study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology.