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The Work That Goes Into Bringing the Hottest Single Women to HotRussianBrides.com

13. November 2012 by Admin 0 Comments

It may seem simple, but the task of bringing you the thousands single real women on HotRussianBrides.com is no simple feat. It takes us a considerable amount of man-hours and resources to properly vet, onboard and maintain the agencies and ladies on our site. Here’s a rundown of what we do to maintain the highest-quality database in the Russian bride dating industry.


Pick and Choose

First, we have an agency outreach team that seeks out and screens dating agencies in Ukraine and Russia. This process can be time-consuming, as we spend hours on the phone finding and engaging the right contacts. If an agency passes our screening, we then allow them to submit ladies’ profiles for our review. We have around 250 active partners all across the Former Soviet Union, but we have rejected twice as many agencies (or people claiming to be agencies) for not passing our screening or showing willingness to adhere to our high ethical standards.


Not All Submissions Are Accepted

Not all submissions are accepted. In order for us to accept a lady, we need a copy or scan of a government-issued ID, usually a passport. Also, we require that the lady records a Video Attestation stating that she understands that our site is for serious relationships and not to ask for money or gifts. We take this very seriously and remove ladies that violate this rule. In addition, if a lady’s photos are very low-quality, we will reject her profile. Conversely, if a lady has high-quality photos and is attractive, we will make her more visible on the site.


Once lady is accepted, then she can begin communicating with our members. During her participation, if a member reports a lady for a rule violation, we investigate the claim extensively, getting all sides of the arguments and making a decision based on the facts. We will spend as much time as needed to properly investigate a report and take appropriate and fair action.


If a lady doesn't login to the site for months, then we “inactivate” her account and she will no longer appear in our search results or on the site. This way, you don’t see a profile that has no chance of responding. However, ladies do come back after long absences.


But Wait, There's More!

Now, all we have discussed is what we do to bring on and maintain the ladies. We haven’t even touched what it takes for us to service our customers and maintain high-site uptime in an industry that is constantly targeted and bad-mouthed by the mainstream. But that is a post for another day.


I hope you can appreciate the time, work and care that goes into providing you with the most attractive single women seeking love abroad in Russia and Ukraine. If you haven’t tried our site yet, you can create a FREE account and form your own opinion. No other site is here for you like we are, so reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. Get ready for the most thrilling experience of your life!