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[22 May 2013]

The fifth annual Brides Parade prettied up the streets of Donetsk last week and started a whole season of Brides Parades in cities across Ukraine… [More]

Russian Bride of the Day »

[13 May 2013]

I see a man who can make me feel comfortable with him, who supports me and can become a friend of mine for my whole life! [More]

Culture and History »

[2 Apr 2013]

From April 3rd through 5th, the Ukrainian city of Donetsk will host a film festival, a photography exhibit, dance and musical performances, and more for the "American Days" cultural festival... [More]

Best Places in Ukraine »

[30 Jan 2013]

When traveling to the Eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, be sure to see as many of these sights as you can. Some are ideal destinations for romantic dates while others make great solo adventures… [More]

Russian Bride of the Day »

[16 Jan 2013]

My friends say that I'm like spring time. I'm open-minded, friendly, active, and creative. But in the bottom of my heart I'm sentimental and sensual. [More]

Russian Bride of the Day »

[20 Dec 2012]

I am a decent, kind, and optimistic person. I am helpful and always ready to listen. I am a loving and responsible mother, and I prefer to spend my free time in the family environment. [More]

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[11 Dec 2012]

Ready to meet more beautiful women from Ukraine? Here are 10 lovely ladies from the oblast of Donetsk. [More]

Russian Bride of the Day »

[18 Jul 2012]

I am a persistent person and I always try to achieve what I want. I am also a very optimistic person and believe in my happy future. [More]

Best Places in Ukraine »

[29 May 2012]

Donbass Arena in Ukraine's fifth largest city will host EURO 2012 matches next month. Are you dating any girls from Donetsk? [More]

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[9 Jun 2011]

Check out the testimonials of Jake and Jensen, two real-life members who recently traveled to Ukraine to meet a special lady from our site. [More]

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[20 Jul 2010]

The city of Donetsk is getting a new logo, Website and an airport expansion as it prepares for the Euro 2012 championship. [More]