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[19 Oct 2012]

Like Mila Kunis? You'll love our Ukrainian lookalikes! [More]

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[1 Feb 2012]

Ukraine and Russia are represented in the "Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2012" list by AskMen.com... [More]

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[4 Aug 2011]

During a press junket in Moscow for her movie "Friends With Benefits", hot Ukrainian Mila Kunis gets sassy with reporters... [More]

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[4 May 2011]

Maxim released its annual “Hot 100” list and Russian beauties Anna Chapman, Anna Kournikova, and Ukrainian born actress Mila Kunis each earned a spot on the “definitive list of the world’s most beautiful women.” [More]

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[29 Jun 2010]

Here are 4 celebrities of Ukrainian descent. [More]

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[28 Jan 2010]

Men everywhere praise Ukrainian women for their stunning beauty and alluring sex appeal. See which Ukrainian star tops this men's magazine's list... [More]

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[19 Oct 2009]

With smoldering multicolored eyes, a captivating smile, Mila Kunis oozes sexiness.  A hot Ukrainian woman with quick wit and her no nonsense personality Mila is no normal Hollywood starlet.  She is the atypical babe who doesn’t take herself too seriously, plays video games and loves a good joke.   That TV Girl Kunis is best known for her role as Jackie Burkhart on the television series “That 70’s Show”. Mila proved to be more than just a pretty face. When casting the role, producers wanted an actress who was at least 18 years old. Without ever stating which birthday she was referring to, Mila told the producers that she was going to be 18 on her birthday. Even though she was just 14 at the time, producers where so impressed with her they kept her in the role for the entire series run.  Kunis also landed the role as the voice of Meg on the hit animated TV show “Family Guy".   Men’s Magazine Favorite With her love of video games, Mila was named one of 2008 "most attractive geeks" by Wired.com. Her bewitching looks have landed her on countless magazine covers. She is ranked #5 on Maxim’s 2009 Hot 100 list. Other magazines such as Stuff and FHM, have listed the Ukrainian hottie as one of the sexiest women on the planet. Men are just not enraptured with her good looks but with down to earth personality and sense of humor.   Rising Star Since moving from Kiev to Los Angeles in 1991, she has been one Hollywood’s rising stars.  Mila’s big breakout hit was “Forgetting Sara Marshall” where her natural comedic talents made her the sweet, attainable hottie.  This past summer she starred alongside Ben Affleck in “Extract” and in January she will co-star with Denzel Washington in the sci-fi action film “The Book of Eli”. Mila’s fans have been all a buzz with her latest project “Black Swan”, where she and Natalie Portman play rival New York ballerinas who have a down and dirty torrid love scene.   Real Woman Kunis tends to lead a private life but one man currently has the hot Ukrainian’s heart, actor Macaulay Culkin. The couple has been together for more than 7 years. Kunis has denied the rumors that she is engaged. Mila has poked fun at the gossip media for all the tall tales about her life.  A hot woman who is grounded may seem to be a strange thing to most Western men but for most Russian and Ukrainian women, knowing who they are and where they are going, is just a part of who they are.