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[10 Jun 2010]

The Crimean peninsula is known for its beautiful beaches and one of the best in Odessa is Arkadia Beach. Gorgeous Ukrainian girls can be seen swimming and sunning by day, then frequenting the hottest night clubs where cocktails are served until sunrise… [More]

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[8 Jun 2010]

"I’m looking for decent, responsible and with good sense of humor man!" [More]

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[17 May 2010]

I am writing to tell everyone who is considering using this agency and web site that if you are sincere and you are seeking the woman of your dreams, you are in the right place. As far as I am concerned, all the other dating web sites are a waste of time! [More]

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[9 Apr 2010]

The beautiful Ukrainian port city of Odessa was liberated by the Soviet Army on April 10, 1944. Parades and festivals are planned to honor this special anniversary… [More]

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[18 Mar 2010]

The Port of Odessa is offering discounts on port fees to cruise liners this year, increasing the number of tourists that will visit the beautiful city by boat... [More]

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[14 Jan 2010]

Russian Bride JuliaJulli from Odessa, Ukraine is looking for "a prince. May be not in white horse, but I am waiting..." [More]

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[6 Jan 2010]

I am very kind, friendly, tender and sympathetic lady. My dream is to find my real love here. [More]

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[7 Dec 2009]

Friends say I`m friendly, romantic and purposeful person. I have an actve lifestyle and it`s important for me to keep fit. [More]

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[13 Nov 2009]

The city of Odessa is known for its abundance of museums, displaying some of the finest art and architecture from Ukraine and throughout the world. No visit to this part of Ukraine would be complete without an exploration of just some of these sites, which house some of the world’s most fantastic treasures. [More]

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[6 Nov 2009]

Russia and America have a long storied history together. [More]

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[19 Oct 2009]

Imagine yourself relaxing in a Russian spa, enjoying a soothing massage and sipping kvass while getting to know some of the most beautiful Ukrainian women. It sounds like a fantasy, but it could be reality when you join December’s romantic tour of Ukraine, which is being offered exclusively to members of The second part of the seven-day, six-night trip will take you to Odessa, one of Ukraine’s largest and most fascinating cities. In Odessa, you will have the opportunity to visit a banya, or traditional Russian bath house, for an exquisite relaxing experience. After that, enjoy a party featuring dances, contests and competitions with some of our beautiful Ukrainian ladies. Other assorted activities, including dinner with a Ukrainian lady of your choice and excursions through the historical and cultural areas of the city, make this a trip you won’t want to miss. The Odessa trip will be the second of this two-part trip. You will spend the first four days getting to know our lovely Ukrainian women in Nikolaev. Time is short to book your spot for this unique opportunity. Payment and reservations for the trip must be received by Nov. 5, 2009. See the trip itinerary for further details.