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[20 May 2013]

Are you a movie-lover? Check out the current popular films in Russia and Ukraine to see which titles your FSU sweetie might have recently seen. [More]

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[19 Apr 2013]

In a recent interview with British GQ, Olga Kurylenko revealed a few turn ons and turn offs. Here’s what the brunette beauty had to say and how her answers can help you in your Russian dating adventure.


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[11 Apr 2013]

Many Bond girls fade into obscurity after their appearance with 007. Not so for Ukrainian beauty Olga Kurylenko, who has two major films hitting theaters this month. [More]

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[14 Nov 2012]

Actress/model Olga Kurylenko celebrates her 33rd birthday today, though Olga says she feels only half her age. [More]

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[19 Apr 2010]

Sexy Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko has been hard at work. Her new film Centurion premieres this month, she has 3 other films in the works, and a sexy photo shoot graces the pages of Esquire magazine's May issue… [More]

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[26 Oct 2009]

You may recognize this sultry Ukrainian from last year’s James Bond movie Quantum of Solace or Max Payne. Most of her acting roles are extremely sensual, suggesting that you rent some of her other lesser known films to appreciate her beauty as well as her acting talents.   Stunning 29-year-old Olga Kurylenko was born in Berdyansk, Ukraine.  She studied languages and art in school, as well as piano and ballet throughout her childhood. At age 13, she was spotted for her extreme beauty on a vacation with her mother in Moscow. She began modeling classes in Moscow and became a full blown supermodel at age 17, flying to Paris where she began lucrative modeling assignments and photo shoots.   Since then, Olga has been seen on television commercials and magazine covers. Her acting career began in 2005 with her film debut as a sensual beauty in L’annulaire. Olga’s roles have been notably sexy and her natural beauty and explicit nudity attracts a lot of attention from male audiences.   She appeared opposite Elijah Wood in Paris, je t'aime (2006) and as Sofia in Le serpent (2006), then co-starred as Nika Boronina in Hitman (2007), followed up by Natasha in Max Payne (2008).   However, the role of Bond girl Camille in Quantum of Solace with Daniel Craig in 2008 was the performance that turned her into a worldwide sensation. And there is still more to come. She recently finished filming for an Israeli film titled Kirot that is due out in December. She has also completed roles in several other films currently in production. Another place you can adore Olga Kurylenko is in the 2010 Campari calendar, which is a limited edition calendar that has had starlets such as Jessica Alba (2009) and Eva Mendez (2008) grace its pages.