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[12 Dec 2011]

While Ded Moroz is often referred to as the Russian Santa Claus, the tradition of gift giving actually began with the 4th century saint named Nicholas... [More]

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[1 Dec 2011]

Russian and Ukrainian women are proud of their cultural traditions and many still enjoy celebrating the old Russian Name Days. Four names are honored this month so be sure to mark your calendars for these dates... [More]

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[10 Oct 2011]

Sample a variety of beer, kvass, lemonade and more on a tour of the Ochakovo Brewery and Beer Museum in Moscow... [More]

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[17 Jun 2011]

Since Nevyansk was a closed city during Soviet days, a shroud of secrecy prevented archaeologists from studying this mysterious leaning tower. Even today, questions and legends remain… [More]

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[3 Jun 2011]

Celebrated on June 12, Russia Day marks the beginning of democratic reforms in Russia. [More]

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[4 May 2011]

Russia's oldest movie studio began showing classic films on their website last year, but now Mosfilm is offering even easier access by uploading them to YouTube... [More]

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[23 Feb 2011]

February 23rd is an offical holiday in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries of the Former Soviet Union, known as Defenders of the Fatherland Day... [More]

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[22 Feb 2011]

Anatoly Konenko is the Russian Master of Miniatures and he’s ready to set another world record for creating the world’s smallest aquarium with real fish… [More]

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[11 Feb 2011]

While this Russian game resembles cricket and baseball, lapta requires less equipment and less preparation so it can be played almost anytime and anywhere… [More]

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[14 Dec 2010]

December 15th is International Tea Day and while it’s not an officially observed holiday in Russia and Ukraine, tea has a very prominent place in the culture… [More]

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[11 Nov 2010]

Millions of Russian documentaries, musical performances, films, and radio programs dating back to the 1900s will soon be seen all across the world, as the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company has finally agreed to unlock its valuable vaults… [More]