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Online dating is the third largest revenue producer out of all paid content sites, behind digital music and online gaming, according to Forrester Research.  Revenues for the industry are expected to grow by 10% through 2013. Also, research from UK consumer group "Which?" concluded that 62% of people that had been on a date with someone they met on cyberspace agreed that it was easier to meet someone on a dating site than in other ways, such as in a pub or club, or through friends. removes geographic boundaries from your quest to find love.  Anyone with Internet access can meet and correspond with anyone else in the World and even fall in love or at least find true compatibility. provides advanced communication tools that empower open-minded, eligible bachelors to try something new and different by virtually dating single Russian and Ukrainian women. is not a mail order bride agency or an escort service, but a matchmaking conduit through which you can openly express your feelings without judgment.


Pick Your Match gives members total flexibility in finding the women they want to interact with. Using our advanced search form, members can filter the exact “specifications” of their dream match, by age, eye color, hair color, height, weight, zodiac sign, religious affiliation and many more lifestyle and physical variables.  That level of opportunity is not available in the real-world and is usually limited by a person’s sphere of acquaintances and influence.


Is a Scam?

The most common concern regarding our industry is that most of the online dating sites are scams. Although we can’t speak for our competitors, is a legitimate business with an in-demand product that attracts over 100,000 visitors per month.


Love isn’t easy or guaranteed, in person or online, so it can be easy to bash or discredit a service because of an unfulfilled expectation.  A lot of the bad press about scam sites is propagated by competitors and people profiting from the bashing.  Like with any other product, there are bound to be some naysayers.  Concerning matters of the “heart”, emotions always run high and reason takes a back seat. With over 15,000 satisfied customers, we can confidently say that we do more good in the World.


What’s in it for the Russian and Ukrainian women?

The women on want to meet Western men because they feel that Russian/Ukrainian men lack the ambition to provide a stable, responsible, safe and loving environment for their families. Russian women feel that they consistently take second place to their partner's social interests.  They realize that Western men are very appreciative of women who are delicate, tender, loving, loyal and who put their families first.


Widespread and irresponsible drinking among Russian men is yet another common dilemma for Russian ladies.  In the last 30 years, Russia has had unusually high death rates from unnatural causes, especially alcohol related.  Domestic violence is a huge concern as well.  Each year in Russia, about 14,000 women die at the hands of their husbands or intimate partners.  By comparison,  in the United States, this number stands at about 1,200 (according to the 2001 Bureau of Justice Statistics Report).  Russian women are 2.5 times more likely to be murdered by their partners than American women, according to the UNICEF International Child Development Centre.


All these factors are why they are on It is not uncommon for a new member to get 100 emails within a day of signing up (less than 1% of our profile count), because the women are very proactive. This zeal could be misconstrued by some as a spamming and a sign of illegitimacy.  Do we pay them?  No.  With over 13,000 women actively participating in our service, we couldn’t afford to pay all of them for their services, nor would we want to. We encourage all ladies to be honest and truthful in their pursuits.


Are they even real?

At, all our ladies are validated via video, meaning that we have a video that guarantees that they are living, breathing Russian and Ukrainian single women.  Plus, we require additional documentation to be gathered by the agency handling the sign up.  Plus, with our one-way video steaming chat interface, members can actually see them responding to chat messages.  By visiting our Testimonials page, you can see many of the happy couples has brought together.


Why do you have to pay?

Most popular dating Websites and matchmaking services charge for participation. only charges for interaction.  If you compare the amount of money spent courting a Russian or Ukrainian woman on you will find that the costs are comparable, if not lower, to regular dating costs.  For example, here is a cost break down of a “typical” date:


  • Dinner at a mid-priced restaurant (with drinks and a tip): $60
  • Movie tickets and concessions: $30
  • Bar tab at a night club: $50-80


If you do dinner and a movie, you are almost out $100 and all you did was take a girl out once.  With, $100 will get you 200 credits, which will allow you to interact with more women, on your terms, on your time and without the anxiety of a physical date.  In the real world, you don’t get close to that kind of control.


In addition, there are overhead costs like translators and computers that we incur to provide our service since few ladies in Russia and Ukraine currently have their own computer at home or speak English fluently.  We provide them with the tools they need so you can connect with them in a safe and secure way.


Managing Expectations

Just because there is a cost to interact with the ladies, it doesn’t mean that you are entitled to any results or should you expect them to be slaves to your desires. is not an escort service or a pornography site.  If you are looking for a way to talk Russian ladies into showing you their privates or indulge your fantasies, you will be disappointed. We provide you the tools to communicate and make new friendships that will enrich your life.


There are many Websites that promise to connect you with a beautiful soul mate.  Are they all reputable and effective?  No.  Do dating Websites work?  Yes.  Do they work for everyone?  No, just like any other dating activity.


In conclusion, is here to provide men with another way to meet their match.  We connect them with single Russian and Ukrainian women (many of which are very beautiful) that are hoping to meet someone new, exciting and different.  Whether or not it works for you depends on your approach, personality and dedication.  Just like in the physical dating world.