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1 Day 'Till Christmas: Sweetest4u and What She Wants for Christmas

24. December 2011 by Admin 0 Comments

Santa's checking his list - where will he find Our Sweetest4U on it? Naughty or nice? Find out more about this sultry beauty as she shares with us her favorite memories for this holiday season in her exclusive Christmas interview.


What do you want Santa Claus/Dyet Moroz to bring you this year?
I want for our mothers to never cry, and that they are always proud of us and our choices in life. I wish for many girls to find the warmth of love of a good man and marital happiness. And for myself, I want to be happy all year long.


What is your favorite Christmas time tradition?
We don’t really have many special Christmas traditions, because not every year turns out that we are able to celebrate this holiday together. But the tradition I cherish is the beautiful and wise toast by the head of the family - our dear beloved father. I hope that this tradition will continue into the next generation too. That is where the toast will be said by the head of my family, my beloved and loving husband.


What does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas for me is in the magic of this special night of the year. It’s about family and holiday all at the same time. This holiday brings hope for a brighter future for me, my family and friends. If I was able to get everyone together for this holiday every year, that included all my dearest people - I would love it!


Do you have a special Christmas memory from your childhood?
As a child it was always about the gifts and loving attention given by my parents. They always made this holiday special in many small ways. And of course Christmas is accompanied by a lot of snow. When I became a girl in my teens, my girlfriends and I would tell fortunes to each other about our future husbands and how our lives would be with them.