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10 Common Russian Women Names (and How to Pronounce Them)

8. October 2009 by Christy 0 Comments

Russia is full of beautiful women with equally beautiful names. For your convenience, we’ve listed 10 common Russian women names below, complete with pronunciation guides and a few fun facts. Many of the women on Hot Russian Brides have been blessed with one of the following names (2,715 women, in fact), so read on and prepare to meet a lovely Russian lady today.


1.  Elena

•    Pronunciation: (eh LAY nah); (eh LEH nah); (yell YEH nah) 
•    Origin: Greek
•    Meaning: Bright, light, or torch
•    Famous Elenas: Elena Yakovleva (film and stage actress), Elena Vesnina (tennis player),

Hot Russian Brides features 544 women named Elena, including Elena1164, Elena3576, Elena3184, and many more!


2.  Olga

•    Pronunciation: (OL gah); (AWL gah)  
•    Origin: German, Polish
•    Meaning: hale, hearty; blessed, holy
•    Famous Olgas: Olga Knipper-Chekhova (stage actress), Olga Kurylenko (Ukrainian actress)

430 women named Olga have profiles on Hot Russian Brides, including OlgaKitty, Olga-Pearl, OlgaRosse, and many others!


3.    Anna

•    Pronunciation: (AN ah)
•    Origin: Hebrew, Latin
•    Meaning: Grace, favor
•    Famous Annas: Anna Kournikova (tennis player), Anna Anisimova (billionaire heiress)

Hot Russian Brides has 411 lovely ladies named Anna, including Anna 1953, Anna9839, Anna44573, and more!


4.    Svetlana

•    Pronunciation: (sveht LAH nah); (sfeet LAH nah)
•    Origin: Russian

•    Meaning: Light, clean, holy
•    Famous Svetlanas: Svetlana Khorkina (Russian gymnast), Svetlana Lunkina (ballerina)

Do you like the name Svetlana? Hot Russian Brides has 269 women named Svetlana, including Svetlana465, Svetlana725, Svetlana942, and many more!


5.    Natalia

•    Pronunciation: (nah TAL yah)
•    Origin: Italian
•    Meaning: Christ’s birthday, Christmas
•    Famous Natalias: Natalia Vodianova (Russian model), Natalia Makarova (ballerina)


268 Natalias grace Hot Russian Brides, including Natalia958, Natalia841, Natalia795, and others!


6.    Tatiana

•    Pronunciation: (taht ee AHN ah); (tah TYAH nah)
•    Origin: Russian, Latin
•    Meaning: Uncertain
•    Famous Tatianas:  Tatiana Korsakova (model), Tatiana Golovin (tennis player)


Want to meet a lady named Tatiana? Hot Russian Brides has 246 Tatianas, including Tatiana969, Tatiana3575, Tatiana476, and many, many more!


7.    Oksana

•    Pronunciation: (akh SAH nah)
•    Origin: Greek, Ukrainian
•    Meaning: Welcoming, hospitality
•    Famous Oksanas: Oksana Baiul (Ukrainian figure skater), Oksana Pochepa (Russian pop singer)


202 women named Oksana are seeking love on Hot Russian brides, including Oksana8, Oksana8681, Oksanasoft, just to name a few!


8.    Inna

•    Pronunciation: (EEN a)
•    Origin: Greek
•    Meaning: Chaste
•    Famous Innas: Inna Korobkina (actress), Inna Ulyanova (actress)


There are 130 ladies named Inna on Hot Russian brides, including Inna4915, Inna5533, and Inna83, among others!


9.    Anya

•    Pronunciation:     (AHN ya); (AWN ya)
•    Origin: Russian
•    Meaning: Favor, grace
•    Famous Anyas: Anya Monzikova (model/actress), Anya Seton Chase (author)


117 Russian women named Anya are looking for their match on Hot Russian Brides, including Anya78, Anyaa, and Anya6883, for starters.


10.    Tanya

•    Pronunciation: (TAN yah)
•    Origin: Russian, Latin
•    Meaning: Unknown
•    Famous Tanyas: Tanya Andreeva (matryoshka doll artist), Tanya Pesnya (musician)


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