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10 Photo Don’ts for Your Russian Dating Profile

31. July 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Want to make the best possible impression on the ladies of HRB? Here are 10 types of photos you shouldn’t post and how these pictures can negatively affect your Russian dating experience.

An Old Photo
Russian women want to see accurate, up-to-date photos of potential matches. When creating a profile on HRB, choose a photo that was taken within the last year or two and don’t even think of using a photo that is ten or twenty years old.

An Unflattering Photo
Everyone takes a bad photo now and then, but unflattering photos don’t deserve a spot in your Russian dating profile. Wondering what makes a photo unflattering? Any shot that highlights your flaws or makes you look exceptionally bad. Slouching, weird facial expressions, awkward poses, and mussed hair can all lead to an unflattering photo.

Low Quality Photos
If you want to find a potential match on HRB, it’s important that you present yourself in the best light, literally. This means avoid posting pics that are too light or too dark. Similarly, avoid sharing images that blurry, grainy, or of otherwise poor quality.

An Oddly-Cropped Photo
Many men share pics in which a woman has obviously been cropped out. This is a bad idea as it will make women wonder, rightly or wrongly, who the woman is and if she’s still involved in your life. Not only that, but oddly-cropped photos look amateurish and immature. You can do better.

A “Mystery Man” Photo
Some men don’t know that Hot Russian Brides keeps men’s profiles private. Worried about their privacy, these fellows post pics which show an outline or silhouette, but no identifying details. This is ill advised as it will make women think you’re hiding something. You’re not, right?

A Fake Photo
It’s obviously a bad idea to post a photo of someone who isn’t you. This is includes celebrity photos, photos of male models, and pics of friends or acquaintances.

A Material Object Photo

While pics of cars, boats, houses, or trucks are fine, it’s best if you’re in them as well. If you’re not, it can seem as if you’re boasting about your “toys” and that you think Russian women are enamored with expensive objects. 

Crotch Shot Photo, Nudity Pic
Penis pics and crotch shots are never acceptable in a dating profile. Nudity is also a no-no. Though some men confuse HRB with an adult chat service, we’re not, and content that “displays or describes pornographic or sexually explicit material of any kind” is prohibited.

A Photo That Shares Personal Contact Information
Photos that disseminate “telephone numbers, postal addresses, URLs, instant message IDs, email addresses or any other form of personal contact information” are also a violation of HotRussianBrides’ Terms of Use. Please don’t post them.

No Photo!
The only thing worse than any of the photos listed above (except those that violate our Terms of Use) is not posting a picture at all. Profiles with no pictures generate little to no interest and raise concerns about why a man hasn’t shared his pics. Don’t be shy, select your best shot and share it with the ladies of HRB!