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10 Quirky Date Destinations, Ukraine

14. February 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

If you’re headed to Ukraine to visit a special lady, dinner and drinks aren’t your only date option. Ukraine offers a variety of quirky date destinations. Here are 10 of our favorites.

Spotykach Restaurant, Kiev

Delight in Soviet kitsch at Kiev’s Spotykach Restaurant. Shots, Soviet folk songs, and salo sandwiches await! [Read More]

Docker Pub, Kiev

Rock rules at Kiev’s Docker Pub, where you’ll find booze, brews, and babes dancing on bars. [Read More]

State Aviation Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

Aviation buffs, history buffs, or even those with a casual interest in Soviet history and aircraft will enjoy the State Aviation Museum of Ukraine. [Read More]

Corsair Restaurant, Kiev

It doesn’t matter if you’re a landlubber or a freebooter, you can treat your Kiev girl to a romantic date at Corsair for a jolly good time. [Read More]

Pharmacy Musuem, Lviv

The Pharmacy Museum in Lviv boasts antique pharmaceutical appliances, prescriptions, medicines, dishes, and a library of pharmacy-related books. There is even a functional alchemy laboratory! [Read More]

Kryivka Underground Restaurant, Lviv

You’ll need to know the secret knock and password to enter the underground restaurant of Kryivka. [Read More]

Medobory Sanatorium, Konopkivka

Bathe in beer or bear bee stings at Konopkivka’s Medobory Sanatorium!  [Read More]

Numismatics Museum, Odessa

Money matters at Odessa’s Numismatics Museum. [Read More]

Cape of Good Hope, Berdyansk

Chatting with a beautiful bride near Berdyansk? Buy her a new bikini and head to Ukraine's largest water park by the sea. [Read More]

Submarine Base, Balakava

Nestled in the seaside hills of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, the city of Balaklava holds within it a secret that has become a monument to 20th-century history. [Read More]

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