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12 Romantic Things to Do for Valentine’s Day

14. February 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Valentine’s is a great time to make a romantic gesture to let her know how you feel. No matter what stage you and your sweetie are at – getting to know one another, video and phone calls, in-person meetings or marriage – there are things you can do regularly to feed that spark. What better time to think about the ways to stoke a romance than on Valentine’s? A few suggestions for romantic gestures:


In the Early Courting Stages:


Begin wooing her with romantic gestures right at the start.


Write a Her Love Letter

When you are first starting an international relationship, emails and chats are the main communication available. Use what you have at your disposal to send her a romantic message that will make her day.


Photograph the Places You Can’t Wait to Take Her

And then send the pictures in an email. Show her the trail where you like to hike on the weekends, the ballpark where your favorite team plays, or the lake where you like to go fishing. Let her know how much you are looking forward to beginning your adventures together.


Send Her a Virtual Card

Want something cute to perk up her day? Send one of our exclusive virtual cards. Our graphic designer has created over two dozen cards that can brighten her day on the most romantic day of the year.


The cards can be attached to any email.  Best of all, these are free to Premium Members on Valentine’s Day.


Pay Attention to the Things That Are Important to Her

This is all about making every day romantic, and not just Valentine’s Day. Make a note of important events like upcoming job interviews or school exams. Remember to ask about her family, her pets and her friends. Knowing that you are truly interested in her as a person is one of the best ways to her heart.


Once You’ve Gotten to Know Each Other Better:


Schedule a Virtual Date

If you are at a stage where the two of you have exchanged contact information, arrange to spend some face-time together over Skype or chat on the phone. Watch a favorite TV show or movie together, or have a virtual coffee date. Take the time to ask about her day and find out what’s going on in her part of the world lately.


Send Her Your Favorite Snacks from Your Country

It can be some nice chocolates, or, it could just be a favorite brand of chips. Even though it’s an everyday indulgence for you, it can be an exotic treat for her. Plus, it gives her just one more tiny insight into your tastes and what your daily life is like.


After You Are Together:

Remember that the romance shouldn’t end once you are finally together. Once the two of you are finally united in your country, make regular romantic gestures to keep the spark in your marriage. A few suggestions:


Make Her Favorite Meal

Gestures that show that you know someone well are incredibly romantic. Plus, if she is the one who usually cooks, a night off in the kitchen can be a great gift. She’ll be touched that you went to the effort for her. 


Take Her on a Winter Picnic in the Park

Bundle up, pack a few things to eat, and bring a thermos of tea to share (or a bottle of wine if your picnic location allows alcohol). Spend the day out together enjoying the winter scenery. If you don’t cook, pick up some prepared stuff from the deli to eat together.


Stomp Out a Romantic Message in the Snow

If there is snow on the ground, take advantage to make a one of a kind Valentine message. Sunny areas are best, as they make your messages really stand out.


Tuck Love Notes Around the House

They don’t have to be elaborate. Even a post-it with a heart on it stuck inside the bathroom mirror can brighten her day. Hide the little notes in her pockets, her purse, or anywhere else she is sure to see them.


Do Something for Her That You Know She Won’t Do for Herself

It can be something as little as getting a piece of jewelry repaired that’s been sitting in her jewelry box. These little treats make life a little bit easier; feeling cared-for makes those romantic feelings flow.


Recreate a Favorite Date

If your first date was in a coffee shop, have a coffee date together in a similar venue on the anniversary of that meeting. Revisit a restaurant that you both remember fondly. 


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