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3 Days 'Till Christmas: Gentletouch's Christmas Memories and Video

22. December 2011 by Admin 0 Comments

3 days and the most magical time of the year will be upon us – Christmas! Join us to read the Christmas questions we asked our snow maiden - Gentletouch and see what Christmas means to her.


Do you have a special Christmas memory from your childhood?
I remember my first celebration of Christmas in kindergarten – I was so afraid to dance the dance of snowflakes. And then I lost the dress, a special white dress.

So my mother made a great dress for me, in one night, using our curtains! And when I danced I felt like the best snowflake ever. It was her support that inspired me to dance my best.


What does Christmas mean to you?
For me Christmas is a very special and magical day. It is the one holiday that connects the past, present and future. It is a day of dreams and answers.

And it is also the day which means a new period of life, so everything seems so possible on this day. Christmas is the perfect day to dream, because dreams can come true.


How/where are you celebrating Christmas this year?
I think I am very lucky to have such a loving and caring family. I am honored to spend this day with them. My Granny will also be with us, and this makes Christmas twice as special for me.


What is your favorite holiday food? Do you do the cooking?
I love Christmas dishes! I like to cook by myself – but my mother and grandma (and even my father sometimes) like to make “special dishes” too. Then we have a funny competition to see whose dish is the tastiest. Usually my granny wins – but I still have hope to win one day.

I especially like Christmas pie made of apple and cherry with a touch of cinnamon I also like to make a tasty soup with mushrooms – it is great to enjoy in the day after Christmas.


What do you want Santa Claus/Dyet Moroz to bring you this year?
This year I ask Santa to bless me with health and happiness for me and my family. And about the material things I receive. I always like the gifts I receive because I think a person adds a piece of their spirit when they select a gift for you. And to me that’s what gift giving, and receiving, is all about.