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3 Power User Tips for Hot Russian Brides Members

30. August 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Here are a few tips that will make your search for the Russian women of your dreams a bit easier. You will learn how to find new ladies that just joined the site, search tips and our recommendation widget.

1) Finding New Members to Chat With

If you have been on HotRussianBrides.com for a while, you may have already developed a relationship with a special lady. If you haven’t or want to chat with new ladies who are online when you are:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the left-side Featured Ladies list
  • From the “Sort By” drop-down menu, select “Most Recent”
  • Click on the arrow to sort. The newest members will have higher ID numbers (330000 or higher) and appear closer to the top of the list.



2) Recommended If You Like…

This may be good for when you have time to do some “research”. If you like a special lady’s physical attributes, you can use her profile to build a “Recommended If You Like…” list using our Advanced Search.

  • Write down your ideal criteria
  • Click on “Search” in the top navigation
  • Enter your criteria and submit!



3) Lady Suggestions

You will have to logout for this one (we haven’t worked this feature in yet). It is similar to the “RIYL” tip above, but using our recommendation algorithm.

  • First, write down the ID number of a lady you like
  • Replace the “xxxxxx” in the link below with her ID number: https://www.hotrussianbrides.com/russian-brides/profile-xxxxxx.aspx
  • At the bottom of the profile, you will see up to 5 ladies under the section called “If you like this lady, you might also like...”
  • When you find someone you like, write down her ID number and look her up on the site.

Again we apologize that this is outside of the site, but we are still testing this feature’s effectiveness. Please let us know if you have any input.

Hope these tips help!