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3 Questions Russian Brides May Ask You

11. October 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

Getting to know Russian brides online is thrilling. You likely have a list of questions you plan to present to the pretty ladies and they have plenty of inquiries for you too. Being prepared and knowing what to expect before your conversations will help them be more effective and enjoyable.


Here are a few questions that Russian women often wonder about online suitors right away.


Are you serious about your search?

Some gentlemen enjoy browsing the beautiful profiles and engaging in flirty chatting, but that's as far as they go. Since most of these ladies are serious about finding husbands, they want to know right away if you'll be traveling down the romantic road or following a more friendly path.


Do you want children?

Family is important to Ukrainian women and since many are of child bearing age, they'll want to know if you have kids and are willing to father more. No matter what your answers are, you'll likely find a lady who shares your sentiments.


Will you be strong and supportive?

Russian women are often described as delicate feminine flowers that want strong, supportive men to take care of them. While they may also be career driven and independent, the fact that most want a real man who will protect and provide for them remains largely true.


All ladies have different priorities and expectations when searching for a husband so be prepared to be asked a wide variety of questions. Keep in mind that cultural differences may cause some confusion on occasion, but just have fun and enjoy the experience!