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3 Reasons to Watch a Lady’s Profile Video

14. October 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

Still haven’t checked out Hot Russian Brides’ profile videos? Here are three reasons to take the plunge and enjoy one of HRB’s most popular features.  


Learn More About a Lady

Profile videos, also known as introduction videos, are a fun and unique way for gentlemen to learn more about the beautiful women of HRB. Ladies use these videos to share special interests and hobbies, give a tour of their hometown, talk about what they’re looking for in a partner, or just pose prettily for the camera. Check out a lady’s video to see what makes her tick!


See Her Smile, Hear Her Laugh

Simple as it might be, hearing a lady’s voice (and sexy accent) for the first time is one of the biggest perks to watching a profile video. Introduction videos also allow gentlemen to see a lady’s mannerisms and get a better idea about what she’s like in person.


Strike Up a Conversation

Profile videos make great conversation starters! Whether a lady shares more details about her life, demonstrates a favorite hobby, or puts on a fashion show these exclusive glimpses are a fun and easy way to break the ice and strike up a friendly conversation.


How to View a Lady’s Profile Video

To watch an introduction video, simply visit a lady’s profile and click on the “View My Intro” button at the top of the page. Please note, that not all women have uploaded introduction videos. To search for women who have recorded videos, go to the Advanced Search page and select “Yes” in the “Has Intro. Video” box.

The profile video feature is just another way Hot Russian Brides helps gentlemen better get to know the ladies of HRB and ultimately find their Russian or Ukrainian soul mate. Start viewing and get to chatting today!