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3 Things to Consider Before Sending "I Love You"

2. February 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Stop and think before sending I Love You!

Russian brides can be real romantics and many are eagerly awaiting the approaching holiday of love. Many gentlemen use this opportunity to make their feelings known by sending gifts or emailing heartfelt poems.


If you feel a strong connection with a Russian or Ukrainian woman, you may take this time to declare your love for her by simply sending "I love you".  


Do you know her well enough?

First, consider how long you’ve been chatting with your Russian bride. You certainly don’t want to jump the gun and express your love too quickly. This could cause concern and push your lady away. Make sure you know her well enough and feel fully comfortable sharing your true feelings.


How will she respond?

If you feel your love match is mutual, then your Russian bride will most likely reciprocate your adoration and that can be the greatest feeling in the world! But what if she doesn’t reply as you would have hoped? You have to prepare yourself for a negative reaction as well. Sometimes miscommunication can occur with online romance so try not to take rejection to heart.


What happens next?

When your Russian lady does agree that she feels the same way and you exchange those fateful words, your relationship immediately moves on to the next stage. You have to ask yourself if you’re really ready to commit to a long term relationship with a beautiful Russian bride. Are you able to travel to meet her? Have you considered how she will adapt to life in your world? These are important things that you definitely want to discuss with your lady to determine if long term love is in your future.


You still have some time before Valentine’s Day to decide which Russian bride you’ll profess your love to and exactly how you’ll go about doing it. Be sure that you’re ready, and that you really mean it, and this Valentine’s Day could be the one you will never forget.