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3 Ways to Make Russian Ladies Laugh

31. March 2011 by Michelle 0 Comments

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When HotRussianBrides.com surveyed single ladies on which qualities they find attractive in men, more than 50% of them mentioned sense of humor. This is often listed in the "Looking For" section of their profiles as well.


Making ladies laugh is not only a great way to break the ice, but it helps eliminate the nervousness that many feel when chatting with someone new online. Here are 3 ways to get Russian girls giggling.


Create Comical Nicknames 

Russian ladies are known for using “honey”, “dear”, “sweetie”, and others when chatting with men. They are very affectionate and use these names to show they care. You could give your lady a chuckle by calling her by a cute, complimentary name. The difference in language could prove this exercise to be hilarious. How will she react if you call her the bee’s knees or a cutie patootie? She may be confused at first but once you explain these as terms of endearment, she will most likely find you amusing. Just be careful how you go about it. Be polite and never offensive.


Share Silly Stories 

Everyone has things happen in life that are funny to others. It may have been embarrassing or disturbing to you at the time, but it’s worth a good laugh when you look back on it. Sharing a silly story with your Russian lady shows you are willing to open up and she will probably reciprocate. Childhood and adolescence usually provide some funny stories. Other ideas include job experiences, tales about pets, travels to new places, and crazy relatives. These topics can spark interesting conversations.



Telling jokes to Ukrainian women can be tricky due to cultural and language differences, but that alone can be funny! Start with simple one-liners that will be easiest to translate. Depending on your ladies’ language fluency, you could then share more detailed jokes. Stay away from political jokes and nationality jokes until you really get to know her. Trying to be funny can border on being offensive so think before you type.


Don't mistake the sexy, stoic poses you see in the photos as a sign of Russian ladies' being serious all the time. They like to let loose and goof off much like everyone else! Try live video chat to see them smile and laugh at your humor attempts!