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4 Popular Places for Ukrainian Weddings

8. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

While many Ukrainians still opt for traditional wedding ceremonies in churches or family homes, more and more couples are symbolizing their unions in more exotic places. Ukraine, with its rich culture and history, has plenty of places to host an unforgettable gathering. Here are 4 of the most popular places where Ukrainians are tying the knot.


The Venice of Ukraine

Vilkovo is a small city of the Danube River just before the Black Sea. Waterways, islands and swamps make up this unique town so you and your Ukrainian bride will have to travel around by boat. Captains are often Ukrainian women since they are considered better rowers. Canals are substituted for streets and residents subsist on fish for most meals. A chapel on a small island is where couples congregate.


The Medieval Castle

The western Ukrainian city of Kamianets-Podilskyi has seen violent wars over the years but has since become a very beautiful, historic place for lovebirds to lurk. A well-preserved castle is a museum today and wedding ceremonies are often held in the medieval-style courtyards.


The Seaside Love Castle

If your favorite Ukrainian girl lives near Crimea, the Swallow’s Nest Castle is a must see destination, as well as a picturesque place for proposals and ceremonies. Perched precariously atop the Aurora Cliff, the views of the Black Sea and the surrounding cities are unbelievable. The castle is home to an Italian restaurant today which welcomes wedding celebrations.


The Traditional Folk Village

Ukrainian brides who still want a rural, old-fashioned wedding go to Mamayiva Sloboda, a Cossack settlement of the 17th and 18th centuries in the center of Kiev. Mock Ukrainian weddings are performed for visitors daily in this large cultural theme park, but actual nuptials are permitted to take place as well. You can even rent folk costumes, hire Cossacks to participate, and shoot real cannons in celebration!


Marriage is one of the most important occurences in Ukrainian ladies' lives and they may wish to share their special day with their family and friends. Consider celebrating in her hometown before or after your official ceremony.