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4 Russian Women Myths Men Want to Believe (and Why They Shouldn't)

19. July 2010 by Christy 0 Comments

Men who are interested in courting Russian women are likely well aware of the negative myths surrounding these ladies. Who hasn’t heard the one about how Russian women are only after a green card? Or the one that claims Russian girls only chat with Western men because they are paid to do so?

However, there are more than a few positive myths about Russian women as well. These myths can be as equally damaging to Western suitors because they cause men to build up unrealistic expectations which ultimately lead to heartbreak, frustration, and disappointment. Here are 4 flattering myths about women from the former Soviet Union and why men shouldn’t fall for them.


Russian Women Hate Russian Men, Love Foreigners

Despite what some may say, Russian women don’t hate Russian men and they aren’t longing for a Western partner. The ladies on HotRussianBrides choose to seek love abroad for a variety of reasons, curiosity, a sense of adventure, a lack of success at home, but they aren’t willing to marry any foreigner who asks and Western men will still have to properly court the ladies and win their hearts.


Russian Ladies Want Nothing More Than to Be a Housewife

Some men have the idea that Russian women reject all forms of Western feminism and want nothing more than to be a dutiful housewife who thrives on preparing her husband’s favorite meals, keeping an immaculate house, and raising children. While it may be true that feminism hasn’t rooted as strongly in Russia as it has in the West, men cannot expect that every lady they meet longs for this kind of life. Some Russian may and some may not (the same is true of Western women) and this is something a suitor should determine by talking to and getting to know a Russian lady, not something he should automatically expect.


Russian Women Don’t Care About Looks or Income

Another popular myth is that Russian women do not possess a shred of superficiality and care nothing about a man’s looks or income, only his heart or "inner world". While this would certainly be nice, Russian women are only human and naturally want to find a man they are physically attracted to and someone who can financially support them should they decide to make the difficult move from Russia. It’s simply not realistic to expect an 18-year-old model type to fall for an obese man 40 years her senior nor should an unemployed man who is thousands of dollars in debt expect a woman to trade her familiar (and not necessarily poor) life in Russia for a life of financial uncertainty in the United States. 


Marrying a Russian Bride is Easy

Men who are not well versed in the Russian dating process erroneously assume that marrying a Russian lady is as simple as sending her a few emails, visiting her in person, and then bringing her home. In fact, the courtship process is much more involved than many men realize and bringing a lady over from Russia is complicated and difficult. Only serious men and women will succeed in this endeavor.

Common sense is perhaps the most valuable quality when it comes to Russian dating. Men who take all myths, positive and negative, with a grain of salt will avoid more hassle and heartache than those who don’t.