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4 Scary Profile Mistakes

31. October 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Trying to impress the Russian women on our site? Hoping to find a potential match? Take care with your profile! Though many singles do the bare minimum, creating a fun and intriguing profile can do wonders for your dating life. With that in mind, here are four scary profile mistakes and how they can thwart your Russian dating experience.

Not Including a Photo

Not sharing a photo is perhaps the biggest mistake singles make when it comes to online dating. After all, the women of HRB want to see the men they’re communicating with and may pass over profiles with no pics. Plus, not sharing a photo may make it seem like you have something to hide. Worried about someone you know seeing your photo? Rest easy. Only Russian women and site administrators can view men’s profiles.

Not Completing Your Profile

It’s also important to fully complete your online dating profile. Typing XXX, Ask Me Later, or nothing at all does nothing to pique a lady’s interest or encourage her to contact you. Plus, it can seem put you at a distinct disadvantage. Would you be interested in a woman who shares nothing in her profile when there are several others who do? If you sincerely want to find a Russian match, you need to complete “The About Me” and “Looking For” sections of your profile. It will help you get noticed and find a lady who shares your interests. Plus, incomplete profiles just look lazy.

Writing a Laundry List of Qualities

Do you have a long list of “must haves” in the Looking For section of your profile? One that specifies hair color, hobbies, age, height, weight, and hometown, among other things? If so, you might want to reconsider your approach. While it’s fine to envision your dream woman, posting a long list of “must haves” might make the ladies feel inadequate or wonder if you’re impossible to please. Plus, a long list can seem unrealistic.

Being Bitter and Negative

Some men have trouble getting over a bad relationship or dating disappointment and let these unpleasant experiences affect their attitude towards women and dating. If you’re hoping to attract a Russian woman, take care not to post bitter or negative comments in your profile. Comments disparaging your ex-wife, the women in your country, or women in general or are a big turn off. While it’s fine to feel angry or hurt, your profile is not the place to air your grievances.

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