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4 Silly Things People Say About Russian Dating Sites

25. July 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

The international dating industry is plagued by myths and stereotypes. Therefore, it’s not surprising that people are still confused about what it means to date foreign women online. With that in mind, here are 4 silly things people say about Russian dating sites.


“Is there a buy one, get one deal?”

“What’s the return policy?”

“How much is shipping?”

People love to make jokes about mail order brides, though some men are sadly serious when they ask such questions. Besides being completely unoriginal, mail order bride jokes perpetuate the notion that men can buy women for marriage and that it’s funny to treat women as commodities. It’s not. Despite what many people think, sites like HRB do not offer women for sale and true mail order brides no longer exist.


“Russian women just want to leave Russia.”

Many people think Russian women join international dating sites because they’re desperate to leave the FSU. However, this isn’t accurate. Sure, some women want to leave Russia. However, plenty others are reluctant to leave their lifelong home. Eastern Europe may not be perfect, but the women have deep ties in the region and they’re not going to leave their friends and family for just anyone. Besides, joining a dating site is not a promise to wed. Many Russian women sign up simply because they’re curious about foreign men. If they meet someone, great. If not, no big deal.


“Russian women divorce their husbands as soon as they get a green card.”

Many people also believe that Russian women are green card scammers who will dump their husbands as soon as possible. This belief is closely tied to the assumption that Russian women are desperate to leave the FSU. Again, while some women may have devious intentions, most Russians have no plans to trade life with family and friends for an uncertain future in a foreign country. The truth is that international marriages are no more likely to fail than traditional marriages. In fact, a report issued by the USCIS suggests that international marriages have a much lower rate of divorce that other marriage types.


“Only creepy losers look for Russian brides.”

It’s true that some men seeking Russian brides are creepy or violent. However, it’s also true that some men seeking local women are creepy or violent. Unfortunately, talk shows and news outlets tend to feature extremes, so the public gets the idea that all Russian bride seekers are creepy losers. They’re not. Chances are good that everyone knows at least one (normal) man who has given Russian dating a try or has seriously contemplated it.


While international dating isn’t perfect, it’s not the shady underworld people imagine. Beware of stereotypical jokes and sweeping generalizations that portray Russian women, Western men, and international dating in an unflattering light.