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4 Stages of Russian Online Dating

13. April 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

There are four distinct stages that every man goes through who has found his match on HotRussianBrides.com. While many quit at the first or second stage, those who persist and reach the third and fourth are always glad that they did and recommend that every member put in the time to get there. Whether succumbing to social pressures or conceding to financial constraints, the road to finding your Russian soul mate can be an arduous yet rewarding one.


The “Kid in a Candy Store” Stage

With thousands upon thousands of stunning women posting attractive pictures and videos to HotRussianBrides.com, once you first enter the site you may feel like a hungry child in a candy store. So many profiles to look through, so much visual stimulus! During the first week of membership, men will become flooded with chat requests and emails from some of the most beautiful women they have ever seen. “And they all want to talk to me?”


Don’t get choked up on the sugar. Pace yourself, try the ones you like and take it at your own pace.


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The “Sugar-high Crash” Stage

Many men can’t handle the proactive nature of the women on our site. Also, they get hung up on the fact that so many women want to dialog with them, so the site must be scamming you. On the contrary, our site is unique because we bring the ladies to the gentlemen, not the other way around. Men aren’t used to being chased, so this fear and insecurity could stop a gentleman dead in his tracks.


When this happens, don’t fret. Many of the emails you are receiving are generic “Introduction Letters” from ladies who either like your photos or like your profile. Choose the ones you want to reply to and ignore the rest. Also, the many chat requests you are receiving are because you are a new member and the ladies like to try and “get to you first”. You need to understand, our ladies are very serious about finding romance on our site and they undergo great effort and hardship to do so. They try to maximize the time they have on the agency computers and put as many “feelers” out there as possible.


Also, it is during this stage that you need to set realistic expectations. It takes money and dedication to court a Russian bride, so make sure you are up to the task and aware of the realities.


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The “Conscious Eater” Stage

After you have isolated a group of ladies you have a connection with, then you will engage in meaningful dialog to get to know them. During this time, you will ignore requests from new ladies as you dive deeper and deeper into relationships and you will discover whether or not you have a real connection. Communication and patience are key during this stage. Make sure you take the time to kindle the flame (if there is any) or move on if there isn’t a spark. It is during this stage that many men become frustrated, as the time and cultural differences begin to take their toll if good chat and email habits are not developed. By the end of this stage, you will have isolated 2-3 ladies that you would like to meet in person.


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The “Healthy Diet” Stage

Once you have become qualified to share personal contact information, it’s time to go meet a few of your ladies in person. Without this step, you will never truly know if you have a real connection with them. Men should never expect to leave Russia or Ukraine after the first trip with a fiancée, as this is impetuous and can lead to a big disappointment. However, it does happen that couples develop such strong bonds that they decide to take the plunge after the first in-person meeting.


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If you read our Featured Couples section, you will see glowing success stories from members that have found their soul mate using our site and that all espouse the glory of our service. If you make it through the first two stages, you will be much closer to meeting a person that you are truly compatible with and who can be a lifelong companion.