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4 Unflattering Myths About Russian Women

13. June 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Russian women are subject to a number of stereotypes, not all of them flattering. Here are four assumptions people make about the women of HRB, and why these assumptions just aren’t accurate.


Russian Women are Cold and Severe

Many Westerners imagine the Former Soviet Union as a bleak, poverty-stricken region populated by cold-hearted people who care only about getting ahead, no matter the cost to others. While there are certainly people who meet this description, the majority of women on HRB are kind and warm and want and unmotivated by material gain. Though Russian women may at times appear detached due to cultural misunderstandings and limited communication skills, it’s hardly fair to call them cold and severe.


Russian Women are Scammers

Often tied to the notion that Russian women are cold, is the idea that the women of HRB are scammers who are only out for money, gifts, or a green card. However, this simply isn’t true. Again, the majority of Russian women are looking for a partner, not wealth or immigration rights, and have no interest in scamming men. Plus, HRB’s anti-scamming policies deter women with ulterior motives. That’s not to say international dating scams don’t exist, but that Russian women hardly live up to the cold-hearted scammer stereotype.  


Russian Women Can be Purchased

Sadly, one of the most common myths about Russian women is that men can literally purchase them for marriage. While traditional mail order brides were once a thing, men today cannot buy a spouse from a Russian dating site, be it through a flat fee or membership costs.


Russian Women Can Be Ordered About

Some men assume that Russian women make perfect housewives as the ladies supposedly want nothing more than to have children and submit to their husbands’ wishes. However, this too is a dangerous assumption. While many women on HRB write of their desire to create a loving home for a special man, they aren’t submissive and many will have interests outside the home. Plus, all of the women want to be an equal partner, not someone a man bosses around and controls.


A variety of unflattering stereotypes mar the reputation of Russian women, but as members of HRB will quickly see, they’re nothing but ugly myths. Visit Hot Russian Brides today to see the truth for yourself.


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