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4 Ways to Search for Matches on HRB

7. December 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Some men join Hot Russian Brides with a specific plan on how to find a partner. Others prefer to poke around the site and play it by ear. Not sure how to find a potential match? Here are 4 ways to search...

For Those Wanting Instant Gratification

Want to chat with a beautiful Ukrainian woman right now, this instant? Click on the “Online Now” tab on the top toolbar of HRB and choose from the ladies who currently available for chat. You can also respond to any number of the chat requests you’re sure to receive.

For Those Searching for a Particular Type

Have a passion for blondes or brunettes? What about short, tall, or voluptuous beauties? Explore the photo galleries on the “My Home” page to find single women who you’re your breath away. You can also view the gallery listing here. We update the galleries regularly, so check back often to find more potential matches.

For Those Who Prefer Videos

Some men have trouble chatting with women they know nothing about, so they turn to introduction, or profile, videos to learn more about the single ladies of HRB. Other men find that seeing a woman on camera gives them a better idea about what she’s like in person.  To view introduction videos, go to the search page and click yes in the “Has Intro Video” field.

For Those Who Believe in Cosmic Connections

Find your cosmic soul mate with Hot Russian Brides’ Zodiac Compatibility tools. Men can search for women born under a specific astrology or Chinese zodiac sign, as well as filter their search by choosing a Zodiac compatibility percentage rating. You may also click the "Astrology Sign" or "Chinese Zodiac" buttons on a lady’s profile to view your match ratings and learn more about each sign.

Ready to find your match? Log on to Hot Russian Brides to get started!