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5 Myths About Russian Women

4. November 2009 by Michelle 0 Comments

Different cultures always have preconceptions about each other. Hearing stories, gossip, and even real life examples help shape the ways people think about each other. Learning more about Russian culture and Russian women is a good start when beginning to romance these beautiful Russian brides. Knowing and understanding the truth behind these 5 common myths will help begin your journey with the new hot Russian women on your horizon.


Russian women are shy, submissive housewives

A great benefit of having so many women to choose from is there are so many different personalities. Some women are more shy and introverted, while others are extremely outgoing and talkative. Many Russian women have highly set career goals and exciting life plans so don’t expect all Russian brides to be satisfied with the traditional housewife role. Of course there are ladies that would prefer that lifestyle as well. It’s all about the variety.


Russian women are prostitutes

Since Russian dating still uses the term “mail order bride”, it is easy to assume these women are for sale, and some men may associate that idea with prostitution. With so many beautiful women wanting to meet you, sex certainly comes to mind. Russian brides are not for sale; not their love, not their companionship, and definitely not their bodies. Russian women value themselves highly as do women all around the world. Some may choose a more sexual lifestyle, but most choose to find a mental and emotional connection and let the physical and intimate connections follow naturally.


Russian women hate Russian men

Since women are seeking love outside of their home country, they must hate their hometown heroes, the Russian men, right? Wrong. Hatred has nothing to do with their choice to seek an international love connection. There are many happy Russian couples. Many of the Russian brides searching for love abroad have had relationships with Russian men, but why not broaden the dating pool with new and interesting men from all over the globe? Russian women long to meet their Prince Charming, not matter which continent he happens to reside.


Russian women want money or a ticket out of Russia

Life in Russia is not as bad as some reports make it out to be. Russian women love their family and friends and make huge sacrifices when they decide to move away and begin a new life with a man. Russian women have worries about international dating just like men do. Everyone wants to advance themselves and reap the rewards of a better life. Finding that soul mate to share life with is one way towards that goal.


Russian women are high maintenance

Since they are so beautiful and always presentable, men think Russian women are probably high maintenance, taking many hours to get ready and requiring only the finest in perfumes and cosmetics. Yes it is true that Russian women put a great deal of pride in their appearance and they do take the time to look their best but they’re not overly extreme about it. Again this varies from person to person. Some ladies’ may frequent the grocery store without makeup while others would never dream of it. Talk to her, get to know her, and see if her personality and quirks will mesh with your own.


The best way to discover truths about myths and stereotypes is to ask… kindly. Be polite with your questioning so you don’t come off too skeptical or rude. Different cultures yield many differences but you will most likely be surprised just how much you and your Russian bride have in common. An open mind is certainly a prerequisite to the international dating experience so don’t let common generalizations about women prevent you from finding your perfect Russian bride.