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5 Retro Ads Featuring Silly Soviet Stereotypes

22. January 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

Though the former Soviet Union is now synonymous with beautiful women, the world didn’t always view Russian women so favorably. In fact, during the Cold War many Americans believed the women of Russia were fat, frumpy, and severe. Oh, how times have changed.

‘80s television ads spread many stereotypes about the people of Eastern Europe. Several of the myths still persist today. Here are 5 retro ads featuring comical Soviet stereotypes. 

Russian Women are Severe and Unattractive

Wendy’s “Soviet Fashion Show” ad paints Soviet Russia as a grim place populated by severe women who wear drab clothes and care little about their appearance. A look at a Soviet lemonade commercial, shot around the same time, reveals a vastly different world.

Russians Have No Choice

Also from Wendy’s, this ad depicts Russians as having no choice about anything, even something as simple about which hamburger to eat for lunch.

Russians Wear Fur Hats and Dance the Kozachok

When people today imagine Russian, fur hats and the traditional kozachok often come to mind. Though the dance exists, equating all Russians with the kozachok would be like assuming all Americans wear cowboy hats and square dance at parties.

Russian Men are Vodka-Swilling Buffoons

This Highland Appliance ad features foolish Russian men throwing back shots of vodka and having awkward conversations with a salesman.

The Russians Are Out to Get You

While the Soviet Union certainly did its share of plotting, the idea that all Russians were out to get the West, as this commercial seems to suggest, is a bit of a stretch. 

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