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6 Traits of Prince Charming That Russian Ladies Love

22. November 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Russian and Ukrainian women often talk about love and marriage like a dreamy fairytale. They imagine their Prince Charming will sweep them off their feet for a lifetime of happiness. This ideal often intimidates some men, causing them to think they could never compare to the perfect Prince that ladies long for. Actually, any man can become a regal, romantic gentleman to win his favorite lady’s heart with these traits.


Proper Manners

Even the most independent and contemporary ladies are attracted to men who demonstrate proper manners. Being polite during online conversations is just as important when meeting in person.


Nice Clothing

While you don’t need to wear the most expensive clothes that one would expect of the royal court, you should always strive to look clean and presentable. If style is not your strong suit, consult men’s magazines or ask a female friend. Ladies are impressed by guys who make an effort to look nice for them.


Sensitive Kissing

As the most anticipated aspect of the courting process, the kiss is crucial to your romantic Russian bride relationship. This moment is often the climax of the fairytale. While every lady may prefer a different kissing style, most Russian women like them slow and sweet.



Smart is sexy. Since many hot Russian brides are students themselves, they are always attracted to men who share a thirst for knowledge. You’ll enjoy more interesting conversations and have fun teaching each other.



A true gentleman puts his lady on a pedestal. He treats her like she is the most important thing in his life and gives her all the attention she deserves. This makes Russian women feel special and they will gladly reciprocate.



When dating a woman across the world, it can be tempting to taint the truth. However, women want men who are always honest and even little white lies can come back to cause problems in your relationship.


These traits that women look for in the perfect Prince of a partner are really no secret. Some guys just forget that with a little extra effort in these areas, they can be more successful with Russian dating.