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7 Wonders of Ukraine: Chersonesos Taurica

2. September 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

Chersonesos was a colony founded by the Ancient Greeks on the shoe of the Black Sea on the outskirts of what is today the city of Sevastapol.

Initially a very early democratic society, Chersonesos has changed hands frequently over the centuries. In the early AD era it has gone from part of the Bosporan Kingdom to being controlled by the Romans, then the Byzantines and then being captured by Kievan Rus in the 980’s. It was supposedly the site where Prince Vladimir was baptized, leading the way to the Christianization of his Principality.

During the Crusades, the city became part of the Trebizond Empire and then part of Genoa and finally after centuries of being a major point of battle between its governing empires and the Mongols, the city was finally destroyed by Edigu of the Mongol White Horde.

The ruins of the city are a major tourist attraction in modern-day Ukraine. The excavated buildings show influences by the Greek, Roman and Byzantine settlers who have made their home there over the centuries. The area has been designated an archaeological preserve by the Ukrainian government and made the list of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine in 2007. Due to it being in close proximity to a Russian Naval depot, Chersonesos Taurica has not been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.