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A Beginner’s Guide to Russian Dating Lingo

26. April 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

If you’re just starting your Russian dating experience, there may be a few terms that confuse you. Hopefully the lingo guide below will help.

Russian Dating

“Russian dating” simply refers to the act of communicating with Russian women online with the intention of finding a romantic partner. Many men turn to sites like Hot Russian Brides for their Russian dating needs, but there are other kinds of services available.

Russian Women

Speaking of Russian women, many of the women on “Russian” dating sites aren’t Russian at all. In the international dating industry, “Russian women" is a general term for the women of Eastern Europe. In fact, the majority of ladies on HRB are from Ukraine.

Mail Order Bride/Russian Bride

Though many people search for Russian dating sites by typing “mail order bride” or “Russian bride” into Google, traditional mail order brides no longer exist. Though we are called Hot Russian Brides, we do not sell ready-to-go brides. HRB is simply a form of niche dating. We do not buy or sell women in any way.

Ladies, Gentlemen, Courting

The lingo in the Russian dating industry tends to be dated, thus you’ll read articles about “ladies,” “gentlemen,” and “courting.” In the case of HRB, “gentlemen” refers to men, members or not, who are interested in dating Russian women. The term “ladies” refers to the single Russian women on HotRusianBrides.com.

Introduction Agencies

An introduction agency is a Russian or Ukrainian-based business that offers computers, web cams, and a location for Russian women to engage in online dating. Many agencies also provide translators to help ladies communicate with gentlemen. Introduction agencies don’t necessarily “belong” to one Russian dating site, though they have preferences. A lady at a particular agency could be a member of HRB, while another lady could be active on a competitor’s site. It’s also possible for a woman to be a member of two sites. 

Romance Tours

A romance tour is an arrangement in which Western men fly to Ukraine/Russia to meet single women in a group setting. The women and men typically do not communicate beforehand, and a man might attend one or more “mixers” while he’s in Eastern Europe. Hot Russian Brides does not offer romance tours, though our travel concierge can assist (individual) members with their travel plans and set up meetings with (individual) ladies.

Got it? Now that you have a better understanding of Russian dating lingo, why not dive into the lingo specific to HotRussianBrides.com?