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A Brief Guide to Ukraine’s Holiday Celebrations

28. November 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

Curious about how the ladies of HRB celebrate Christmas and the New Year? Here’s an abbreviated guide to Russian and Ukrainian holiday celebrations. Check out the linked articles for a more in-depth look at Ukraine’s unique festivities and traditions.

The Eastern Orthodox Church Observes Christmas, New Year on Different Dates Than West

The Eastern Orthodox Church follows the traditional Julian calendar for religious celebrations such as Easter and Christmas. The New Year holiday is also affected. This means that many Ukrainians celebrate Christmas on January 7th, not December 25th. Many Ukrainians also celebrate the Old New Year on January 13th or 14th. Some Ukrainian men and women recognize both Christmas and New Year holiday dates and celebrate twice. Lucky them!

Santa Claus is Called Ded Moroz and He Travels with a Snow Maiden

Ded Moroz, or “Father Frost,” is the Slavic equivalent of Santa Claus. However, unlike his Western counterpart, Ded Moroz doesn’t slink around darkened homes to deliver gifts on Christmas Eve. He instead distributes gifts in person at various Christmas or New Year celebrations (often both). A beautiful woman known as the Snow Maiden often accompanies Ded Moroz on his journeys. Some say the maiden is Ded Moroz’s grand daughter, though she could also be his hot Russian bride.

Ukrainians Enjoy Extended Holiday Celebrations

Because Orthodox Christmas falls on January 7th and Orthodox (Old) New Year on January 14th, many Ukrainian women will be busy with family and friends in early January and unable to use HRB as often as they might like. Many Ukrainians party on December 31st right up until the Old New Year on January 14th. Don’t panic. The women will be back as soon as the holiday festivities die down. Some women, however, will take advantage of the extra free time to get to chat and flirt with Western men.

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