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A Draft for Women in Russia?

21. December 2012 by Lorena 0 Comments

Life may change soon for young Russian ladies. The Russian government is considering becoming the world’s second country to have compulsory military service for both the guys and the girls.


Currently, Israel is the only country that has mandatory enrollment for both men and women. In Israel, women are allowed to participate in 69% of the positions that are open to men in the military there. There is no word quite yet on the form that a female draft would take in Russia.


Russian officials say that they are considering the move in an attempt to improve the quality of potential recruits to the Russian army. Currently, they are having trouble finding enough recruits with the required level of physical and mental health.


While Russian officials say that it would be beneficial to have women serve alongside men in the Russian military, they say that they know that things will be different with women. For instance, they say that they expect far fewer women to choose lifelong military careers. Instead, a couple of years of military service will be something that women can do to build some career experience before marrying and having children.


As of now, men in Russia are subject to a 12 month mandatory draft sometime before their 27th birthday. Those who are studying at university can put service off until after graduation. Those who have more than two children or whose health would not allow for military service can also avoid the draft. Russian officials say that they are considering allowing women to decide for themselves whether they will be subject to the draft.