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A Guide to Russian Dating

17. March 2011 by Christy 0 Comments

No luck finding a special Russian woman on HotRussisanBrides.com? Unsure how to launch your international search for love? Try these three simple tips.


Be Honest About Who You Are

Many gentlemen put on an act while Russian dating, trying to be the strong, sophisticated man they believe Russian women want. However, how are you going to find the lady who is right for you if you’re not being, well, YOU? As tempting as it might be, don’t pretend to like a band simply because everyone else thinks they’re great, or feign an interest in literature or art when you’re more into sports or movies. As clichéd as it might seem, the only way to find true love is to be yourself. After all, you can’t put on an act forever. 


Don't Overanalyze

Many men make the mistake of analyzing every word, action, or  expression of a Russian in an attempt to find clues about she is thinking. Does she like me? Why hasn’t she responded to my last message? Is she truly read for marriage? As tempting as it may be to analyze a lady's every move, resist the urge. Speculation often leads to false conclusions which in turn lead to hurt feelings and miscommunication. Rather than attempt to guess about what a Russian woman is thinking, try communicating her. Open and honest communication beats speculation every time.


Keep Your Options Open

Many gentlemen, thrilled upon meeting a potential Rusisan love match, stop communicating with other ladies and spend all their time and energy on their new crush. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to cultivate a relationship with a special lady, it’s important that men not focus on one woman too soon. Premature exclusivity often leads to dating disappointment and can come across as needy. Until the two of you have agreed to stop seeing other people, keep your options open.


Gentlemen who aren't afraid to be themselves, resist the urge to analzye a lady's every move, and are willing to keep their options open have the best chance of success on HotRussianBrides.com. Log on today to put these three simple tips to the test.