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A New Cinema Experience for Your Russian Honey

2. July 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

Your favorite Russian lady might have a new viewing option the next time she goes to the movies. A number of movie theaters in the country have been equipped with 4DX technology, which the makers boast adds a “fourth dimension experience” to films. Viewers in 4DX-equipped theaters will experience phenomena in the theater that can include flashing strobes, mist, smoke, vibrating seats or bubbles released from the ceiling.


Theaters in Kaliningrad, Moscow, Perm and other Russian cities will get the technology this year. There are also tentative plans to bring 4DX to some Ukrainian theaters, although a release date has not been announced. Some of the films your Russian lady will be able to see include Now You See Me (Titled “The Illusion of Deception” in Russian), Man of Steel, World War Z and Fast & Furious 6. 


You can get a look at the super-luxe theater in Kalinigrad that features not just the 4DX, but a full bar and coffee house for theatergoers to enjoy. You can see the 4DX in action at the 2:45 minute mark. Interested in a 4D theater experience of your own? The company is hoping to get the technology into theaters in the US this year.





Photo: stock.xchng contributor adzica