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Adding Attachments When Emailing Russian Single Women

27. January 2010 by Admin 0 Comments

Adding an attachment to an email is a relatively easy process. When contacting some of the stunning Russian women on our site, you may wish to add a picture, something which shows an aspect of yourself that your profile pictures don’t. The email attachments also come in handy as we don’t have the same restrictions for them that the profile pictures have – profile pictures must always depict you, but email attachments don’t have to.

When sending attachments to Kiev girls and Russian ladies, it is important to keep some requirements in mind:

The size limit for pictures sent to Ukraine Women

When sending your pictures to Russian single ladies on the site, always be aware that the same size requirement for the pictures on the profile applies here too. You will not be able to upload any picture larger than 250kb. Attempting to upload a picture larger than that can cause your email to be sent without an attachment. If your picture is larger than 250kb, please be sure to either shrink it down or send it to customer service and we will be happy to ask our graphics department to adjust the size for you.

What type of files to send to your Ukraine bride

Pictures on our site must be .jpg images only. If you attempt to send other types of images, you may run into upload issues and the email you are writing may send without an attachment.

What can the pictures I send to my future Russian wife depict?

As mentioned earlier, we are much less strict about the pictures you send to a lady, over the pictures you have displayed on your profile. It is always important to keep in mind though, despite the leniency, you must still follow the Terms of Use’s requirements for Acceptable Use.