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Alla and Anna Celebrate Name Days Today (Pics!)

8. April 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Have you met "DiorAnna", sexy bride from Kherson?

Today we're celebrating 2 Russian women's names. The name Alla is known to be Ukrainian and Greek in origin. It's actual meaning is largely unknown but some think it's a variant of Allat, which was the name of the Arabic goddess of fertility. A popular Russian singer who shares this name is Alla Pugacheva who has received numerous awards and is recognized as an iconic superstar.


The second name we're celebrating is Anna, which is honored many times throughout the year. Anna is a very popular name throughout Russia and Ukraine, with many famous women enjoying this namesake, such as sexy tennis star Anna Kournikova and one of the finest Russian lyric poets, Anna Akhmatova.   


Enjoy these photos of hot Russian brides named Alla and Anna. Click on the photos to view their profiles and learn more about them. Sending happy name day emails is a great way to introduce yourself to these beautiful single ladies!



Beautiful bride from Kiev, "AllaSquirrel"

Cute Ukrainian girl from Cherkassy, "AllaRu"

Hot Ukrainian bride, "Alla2530"

Have you met Ukrainian beauty, "Allusichka"?

Beautiful Ukrainian bride from Sevastopol, "AllaAngel"

Hot Ukrainian girl from Kerch, "Alla302766"



Dreamy Ukrainian girl, "DearAnn"

Sexy Ukrainian single, "AnaBella"

Gorgeous Ukrainian girl, "Annnyshka"

Hot Ukrainian woman, "Anna01447"

Romantic Russian bride, "RomanticAnn"

Beautiful Russian bride, "AniFairy"