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American Stereotypes and Russian Dating

15. November 2012 by Dasha 0 Comments

American men, you’ve probably heard a lot about Russian stereotypes, but have you considered what the ladies of Eastern Europe hear about you? Here are three common American stereotypes and how they can affect your Russian dating experience.

Americans Are Arrogant

The “Ugly American” stereotype portrays men and women from the U.S. as loud, arrogant know-it-alls who are ignorant of other countries and cultures and obsessed with America’s perceived superiority. Non-Americans are naturally put off by this stereotype so men from the United States should take care not to embody it. You can does this by showing a genuine interest in a lady’s culture and not talking trash about her home country.

Americans Are Violent Gun Lovers

Many foreigners perceive Americans as violent gun lovers who think nothing of Wild West type shootouts in city streets. For this reason, some Russian women might be hesitant about visiting the U.S. or moving there permanently. A little education and reassurance can go a long way in combating a lady’s fears about a violent America.

Americans Are Greedy and Materialistic

Another negative stereotype paints Americans as greedy money lovers who care only about what they can buy and who they can impress with their wealth. Some foreigners think the nation looks down upon poor people and doesn’t value charitable qualities like kindness, selflessness, and compassion. To combat this stereotype, don’t place too much emphasis on your job, wealth, or material possessions when chatting with Russian women online.

Negative stereotypes surround all nations, and the United States has certainly inspired its share. However, you can combat this negativity by being polite, charming, and kind and showing Russian women that not all Americans are violent, arrogant, money lovers who aren't worth getting to know.