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Are You Familiar with the Black Book Features?

28. October 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

When gentlemen join HotRussianBrides.com, they are pleasantly surprised by the number of the incredible women that want to communicate with them. Initially they think it will be easy to keep track of each lady’s details, but it soon becomes challenging to remember everything about each one.


This is why the Black Book is a helpful assistant in the search for that perfect Russian bride. Here are the 4 ways that it makes bachelor’s dating life easier.



Email History

When you’re sending and receiving so many emails each month, it’s helpful to be able to look back and review who said what. When you select a lady’s profile to view in your Black Book, you can click on Email History to view a complete list of all your email correspondence with that lady.


Notes & Remarks

In order to be that attentive gentleman that Russian women are attracted to, you need to remember specific details about her and her personal life. Making notes about her favorite things, her pets, her family, and other topics you talk about will show you really care and set you apart from others that neglect this useful feature.


Gift Registry

When you really want to show your favorite ladies that you care, sending something special from the Gift Shop is perfect. The Gift Registry keeps track of every item you’ve sent so you can follow up with Olga about her beauty spa visit and Svetlana about those English lessons.



One of the best ways to enjoy uninterrupted communication with your favorite Ukrainian girls is to schedule live video chat dates. The Calendar in the Black Book can help you manage these dates. You can also add special events that you want to remember for each lady like birthdays and other important occurrences in their lives.


The Black Book is a revolutionary contact management tool that helps gentlemen be more successful in the Russian dating experience. These ladies are so unique and full of life; you don’t want to forget any single detail!


Watch this Video Tutorial on how to use these features and enjoy your Russian bride search even more!