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Are the Women on Hot Russian Brides Real Singles or Models?

17. April 2013 by Dasha 0 Comments

It’s a natural question. After seeing all the beautiful women on HotRussianBrides.com, who doesn’t wonder if the ladies are real singles looking for love or professional models paid to pose for the site? Here’s the truth.


All of the women you see on HRB are real women who are single and looking to meet foreign men. Despite what some rumors might suggest, we don’t pay models to appear on the site nor do we use photos of beautiful women to create fake profiles. Men can see the ladies on camera thanks to live video streaming, introduction videos, and agency clips, plus our extensive anti-scam policies thwart would-be scammers. 


We should note that some of the women on HRB work as models. However, that’s a hobby or occupation, not a reflection of a woman’s status on the site. The 17,000+ women on Hot Russian Brides work in a variety of fields, and given their beauty it’s not surprising that many Russian and Ukrainian women have managed to break into the modeling industry. 


Though the ladies of HRB may look like professional models, most are not, and even those who are don’t work for the site. Don’t be scared off by the beauty of Hot Russian Brides’ stunning singles. Join HRB now!