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Art by the Pound at the "Second-Hand Modern Art"

10. July 2013 by Lorena 0 Comments

An Kyiv gallery showing work from modern Ukrainian artists has taken an unusual approach: they have weighed the paintings and are selling them by the kilogram. The organizer of the show, Serhiy Kuznetsev, says that the purpose of the buy-by-weight gimmick is two-fold: first, it reflects the nature of art as a commodity; but, at the same time, it allows new collectors to acquire pieces that they might not otherwise be able to afford.


Ten Ukrainian artists are taking part in Second-Hand Modern Art, which contains 130 modern works. Well-known Ukrainian New Wave artist Illya Chichkan contributed several pieces. Chichkan’s art typically includes paintings, video installations and photography. Other featured artists include Donetsk-born artist Masha Pasychnyk and Vita Kalmovskaya.


Not all of the prices were strictly based on the weight. Attendees are encouraged to haggle during the show, which has raised some prices, but lowered others. The heaviest entry, at a whopping 12 kiliograms, fetched $700 US after hard bargaining on the part of the buyer. Kalmovskaya’s piece “Supermarket,” which weighed in at 5.5 kilos, sold for $674.


Photo: stock.xchng contributor hioe