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Art exhibit examines Russia through the eyes of foreigners.

21. August 2009 by Gregg 0 Comments

“How Do You Do… Moscow” is an art
exhibit which opens August 21st at The
Moscow  Museum of Modern Art.
Through photography, sculpture, music
and other art, the exhibit examines the life and culture of Russia’s capital city through the eyes of foreigners currently making their home there. Curated by four women, Charlotte Cova-Coquillaud from France, Iben Muriel from Denmark, Liz Anderson from Australia and Manuela Rüedi from Germany, and featuring contributions from many other immigrants, the exhibit combines many projects and many styles.


The participants were asked to answer questions to give a greater understanding of their views about life in Moscow, including what songs they thought represented Moscow the most. The results of this question were combined into an hour-long mix by a local DJ. Other questions such as “What is the best souvenir to buy in Moscow” and “What do you like or dislike most about Moscow” inspired other artistic pieces. The organizers attempted to include a large cross-section of the expatriate population. They have included people from as many different countries and as many different ages as they could and they had an almost 50-50 ratio of male to female participants.


The exhibit runs until September 20th