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Authentic Ukrainian Cuisine at Lipsky Osobniak Restaurant

28. January 2010 by Michelle 0 Comments

Lipsky Mansion dining room

While some gentlemen travel to Ukraine on a strict budget, others throw their monetary cares to the wind and indulge in every luxury Ukraine has to offer.


If you’d like to experience high quality, authentic Ukrainian cuisine in an upscale, historical atmosphere, consider a romantic date with your favorite Ukrainian bride at the Lipsky Osobniak restaurant.


The Lipsky Mansion is located in the highly fashionable and sought after residential Lipsky district of Kiev city. The interior is beautifully decorated with rich, dark mahogany paneling and houses an extensive collection of antiques. The fireplace is a specially commissioned marvel covered with handmade tiles from floor to ceiling.


This remarkable restaurant claims to be the only one in Kiev that specializes solely in Ukrainian Haute cuisine, with the chef taking inspiration and recipes from the imperial golden age of Ukrainian cooking. Some of the traditional dishes the chef recommends are exquisite crawfish salad with pears, duck breast salad with raspberry sauce, homemade baked pies called pirozhki, Ukrainian Lenten broth with dried mushrooms, and of course, the finest caviar.


Lipsky Osobniak has received three awards from the prestigious Wine Spectator Magazine, in 2003, 2004, and 2007. The wine cellar holds over 900 different top quality wines from all over the world. You can also sample classic and flavored vodkas that are produced exclusively for the restaurant.


Why not splurge a little on your lovely Ukrainian lady and enjoy a delectable meal at the Lipsky Osobniak restaurant? You can enjoy classic Russian and Ukrainian recipes in a romantic, sophisticated setting.


Lipsky Mansion dining hall

Lipsky Mansion fireplace

Lipsky Mansion cuisine

Lipsky Mansion caviar

Lipsky Mansion rolls out the red carpet